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climategate.com is now a redirect; Miller 'proves' CRU "fraud" via wingnut fractal logic

Remember the web site climategate.com? After being down for some time, it seems it's now back. Well, it's back in the form of a simple redirect to a section of the "Conservative news" site ihatethemedia.com. [cached]

Meanwhile, Dan Miller of the Heartland 'Institute' tries to argue that the US National Academy of Sciences is "biased" because they reached a judgement on a scientific issue. [cached] (By their argument, Galileo was also "partisan" and "biased" because he actually reached a conclusion on a scientific matter!) Regarding SwiftHack, Miller said:

Last fall she [Pamela Matson] sent a letter to Congress defending the fraudsters at the heart of the Climategate scandal, claiming the emails that documented the manipulation and destruction of scientific evidence were being 'misrepresented' by 'opponents of taking action on climate change.'
and offers this as 'proof' that Matson is "biased". If you drill right down to it, Miller's misrepresenting the contents of the CRU e-mails as "evidence" of "fraud" simply by (implicitly) claiming that the e-mail contents aren't being misrepresented. Or, in more general terms, he's doing exactly what he claims not to be doing, and the way he's doing it is precisely by claiming that he's not doing it -- if you get my drift. More wingnut fractal logic at work...