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GWPF's inquiry-into-inquiries report now out, but does it reach same standards it demands of others?

Following yesterday's post, I see that the global warming inactivist group that's the Global Warming Policy Foundation has finally released their 'report' on their 'inquiry' into the CRU inquiries. In response, I've sent the GWPF an e-mail:

Hi Mr. Andrew Montford,

I have just looked at your report on your 'Climategate' 'inquiry'-into-inquiries ( www.thegwpf.org/images/stories/gwpf-reports/Climategate-Inquiries.pdf ). About Lord Oxburgh's inquiry, you say,
The Scientific Assessment Panel headed by Lord Oxburgh was chosen so that only a minority of members could be expected to look at the evidence with 'questioning objectivity'. Despite their claim to the ontrary, the research papers the panel examined were not selected "on the advice of the Royal Society." [...] No records were kept of interviews and important papers have been destroyed.
And about the Muir Russell inquiry, you said,
Only CRU scientists were interviewed and no oral evidence was taken from critics.
With these in mind, I ask the following questions regarding your inquiry report:
  1. How was the one-man panel (i.e. you) for the GWPF inquiry-into-inquiries selected? What measures were taken to ensure the objectivity of the panel? If no such measures were taken, why?
  2. In the course of your inquiry into the inquiries, which of the following principal people in the inquiries have you interviewed -- Lord Oxburgh, Sir Muir Russell, Geoffrey Boulton, Peter Clarke, James Norton, Phil Jones, Tim Osborn, Keith Briffa, Mike Hulme, Michael Mann? If some or all of them were not interviewed, why?
  3. If you did interview the above-named principal people in the inquiries, where are the records of the interview proceedings? If records of some or all of the interviews have not been kept, why?
I hope that, as someone who demands the highest standards in inquiries conducted by other people, you can show yourself to adhere to the same high standards.

-- frank, http://climategate.tk/
I'm curious to see what response -- or non-response -- the GWPF will come up with.