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Morano's Climate Depot presents multiple puff pieces on GWPF 'report' as 'independent' news stories

Climate inactivist Marc Morano's Climate Depot, as always, has lots of links to lots of stories supposedly exposing the 'scam' of 'global warmism'. [cached] I took a look at a few of them:

Shameful Shams: 'Damning New Investigation Into Climategate Inquiries' -- Reports Were 'Seriously inadequate'
This is the Global Warming Policy Foundation's original press release about climate inactivist Andrew Montford's 'inquiry' into the CRU inquiries.
Analysis: 'The Shoddy Climategate Inquiries'.
This is a puff piece touting Montford's 'report'.
New report on the failings of the three Climategate inquiries: 'Whitewashers squirm like maggots'.
Another puff piece for the Montford 'report'.
Paper: Failures of global warming Climategate probes 'let down public'.
Yet another puff piece for the Montford 'report'.
UK Report: A 'huge cloud of doubt' remains over the case for man-made global warming.
Once more, a puff piece for the Montford 'report'.
'UK Investigation Completely Debunks Global Warming Science'.
... OK, I don't actually know what this is yet -- the site was apparently down when I tried to read the article. But judging from the title, I won't be surprised if it turns out to be what I think it is.
Here's an exercise you might like to try out: given the links on Climate Depot on any particular date, figure out the ratio of puff pieces to news pieces. No, I don't know the answer.

And, Montford hasn't replied to my questions on his 'inquiry'-into-inquiries.