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US Republicans to create diplomatic row over "Climategate"?

From the "Global Warming Policy Foundation", a climate inactivist group: [cached]

House Oversight and Government Reform ranking member Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is promising to give a "careful relook" at climate change science in the wake of last year's "Climategate" scandal if Republicans take over the House.
"I do have a backburner investigation that I'm going to want to have completed, and that is, we paid a lot of money to have international evaluation, most of it done in Britain, that turns out to have been less than truthful in some of the figures," he [Issa] said.

"We're going to want to not investigate to get our money back, but we're going to want to have a do-over of good numbers so that everyone can have confidence."
Given that both the current British Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince Charles both subscribe to the current consensus of climate science, and the Muir Russell inquiry officially exonerated all the "Climategate" scientists, I wonder how they'll react if US official policy starts saying that all these people are either idiots or corrupt liars.

Or perhaps a Republican administration and Congress can just declare war on East Anglia (where UEA is) and literally bomb them back to the Stone Age?

Surely this is going to go down well, isn't it...