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climategate.com campaign orchestrated by right-wing publicist Jim deYong (and Mark Fleming)?

Inside global warming inactivist John O'Sullivan's mass e-mailing list, there's an intriguing e-mail address: smalld@dganda.net. A quick search reveals that the address belongs to one Jim deYong [cached] -- who, like the domain name owner of Hyperbole Media LLC, is in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Further searching reveals that deYong is an ad artist.1 However, I want to know if deYong is doing any work other than producing graphics for advertisements, so I do yet another search, and I find this: [cached]

On Wednesday, [Matthew] Cunningham [of Pacific Strategies] was part of a RightOnline panel in Sacramento, organized by Americans for Prosperity as part of a training seminar to teach activists how to harness emerging media tools like blogs, FaceBook and Twitter to advance their causes.

On Friday, Cunningham joined IHateTheMedia.com founder Jim DeYong and others to speak to the California Women’s Leadership Association about the impact of emerging media, and offer insights into how to interact with blogs and other emerging media actors on the political stage.
(And in case you're wondering what the CWLA is about...) [cached]

So putting everything together:
  • Jim deYong is the founder (or co-founder?) of Hyperbole Media LLC's ihatethemedia.com -- which just so happens to reside on the same network as climategate.com.
  • deYong, as a right-wing PR strategist, gave advice to the CWLA on how to handle the 'New Media'.
  • And, he's an ad artist.

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  1. Apparently deYong the ad artist works at so many ad agencies that I wonder how he keeps track of which one he's working for at any moment -- but then again I don't know how exactly the ad industry works. [cached: 1, 2, 3]