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Mindless Link Propagation, 27 Sep 2010

I've talked before on the problem of spreading the news on other people's writings which I like, without turning my blog into almost nothing but mindless linkspam. After thinking about the problem a bit more, I've decided to include a sort of Semi-Regular Mindless Link Propagation Special right here on this blog, where I'll throw out a whole bunch of hyperlinks from time to time instead of doling out single morsels of URL goodness at more frequent intervals. I've not decided how regular this should be, or even if it's regular, what intervals the MLPs will occur.

At any rate, here's for today:

  • Tim Lambert tells us that the Heartland 'Institute', a libertarian think-tank, will be holding a 'conference' of climate cranks in Australia, and that one of the talks at this coming 'conference' is titled Defeating the Witchdoctors of the Twenty-First Century and Why Global Warming Is About Power, Money, and Sex. Much laughter ensues. [cached: 1, 2]
  • TPMMuckraker says that Christine O'Donnell, who's running for the US Senate, may have broken election campaign rules by operating her campaign without a treasurer for some time. Of course this news is currently lost among all the 'argh, O'Donnell practiced witchcraft!' brouhaha. [cached]
  • Deep Climate has a guest post by John Mashey on the slipshod 'scholarship' of the Wegman Report, an effort by politician Joe Barton, statistician Edward Wegman, and his students to attack climate scientist Michael Mann's "hockey stick". [cached]
  • Anna Haynes delivers a sharp, concise rebuttal to climate 'skeptic' George Rebane's talking points. [cached]
  • Matthew Dentith discusses conspiracy theories on the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. [cached]
  • Shorter climate 'skeptic' Andrew Montford: Scientific research is an extremely good thing, unless the scientists end up telling us to build more wind turbines, in which case the scientists are the spawn of Satan. [cached]