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Mindless Link Propagation, 3 Oct 2010

Today's Mindless Link Propagation is sponsored by the holy spirit of the tea party.

  • An obituary to a road accident victim who was a dishwasher was accused of being 'liberal propaganda'. The long story story: A news item on a hit-and-run road accident was trolled by commenters saying things like "A man who is working as a dishwasher at the Crab Shack at the age of 48 is surely better off dead." In response, the St. Petersburg Times wrote a moving obituary to the accident victim. This in turn prompted another troll to (if I remember correctly) lambast the Times for spreading 'liberal propaganda' or some such. [cached] (Via the Boing Boing Submitterator.)
  • Over at the Freedom Pub blog set up by the libertarian Heartland 'Institute', blogger Marcotte Anderson (who seems to be relatively sane) reports that blogger Alan Caruba (who, well...) is deleting comments on his blog entry flogging the "Climategate" dead horse -- and that Caruba's deleting comments because he's too busy to respond to them. [cached: 1, 2]
  • The Butte County Republican Party, which climate 'skeptic' Anthony Watts works with, has a plan to balance the California budget: Fire state employees, and cut taxes for businessmen. [cached]