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Cuccinelli resumes witch-hunt against climatologist -- using plagiarism-filled 'report'

DeSmogBlog reports:

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has revived his witch hunt against prominent climate scientist Michael Mann, recycling pieces of his earlier botched subpoena into a new Civil Investigative Demand aimed at Mann and the University of Virginia.
There are signs that Cuccinelli will be engaging in scientific obfuscation:
Since his first witch hunt lacked an "objective basis," Cuccinelli had to attempt to don his totally unqualified, non-scientific "expert" cap in the new complaint. He rehashes several totally-debunked elements of the "Climategate" non-scandal, and continues his politically-motivated attack on climate science by suggesting that Mann "should have known" the information he produced was "false."
The challenge for the University of Virginia's lawyers is thus to cut through the obfuscatory smoke and mirrors, and make it crystal clear to the judge -- nay, to any layman -- that Cuccinelli is full of nonsense.

This shouldn't be too hard: John Mashey notes that the AG's new CID refers six times to the anti-Mann Wegman Report, a 'report' which was promoted by Republican Congressman Joe Barton and contains a boatload of badly disguised plagiarism and general shoddy scholarship.

Update 2010-10-08: Michael Mann hits back. And USA Today reports that Wegman's George Mason University has launched an investigation into the plagiarism and fabrication charges regarding the Wegman Report.

Update 2010-10-09: More.