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Adam: information from "very well placed source" rules out insider leak; but Mosher still touting it

Last Tuesday I talked about a claim made by Nature's David Adam that

evidence has emerged effectively ruling out [FOI2009.zip being] a leak from inside the CRU [Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia], as some have claimed.
I'd since obtained Adam's contact information via Hank Roberts, who heroically helped me find it after my "defeat by Nature's web emulation of voicemail hell" (as Hank put it ☺). So I asked Adam if he could shed more light on the precise nature and/or source of the evidence. He replied:
I do have more specific information that justifies the statement that it was an external hack, but I can't share it at the moment I'm afraid. I got it from a very well placed source, who asked me not to go into details █
I appreciate that's frustrating, sorry.

* * *

It does bear reminding that, even without this extra information, there are still several lines of evidence which point very strongly to a cyber-attack effort -- not an insider leak. Even so, global warming inactivist Steve Mosher is still trying to push the 'insider leak' theory. He says,
The russians know where the upload came from. And after UAE tried to point the finger at russian oil interests the russians called their bluff. UEA shut up after that. for good reason.
...but forgot to mention that, according to the Daily Mail, the Russian FSB reported that the FOI2009.zip file was uploaded from Malaysia.