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Overlaid files and missing files in FOI2009.zip's yamal/ directory (Update: not missing)

November 27th, 2010 (01:35 pm)

As I detailed on 4 Sep, the files in the yamal/ directory of the SwiftHack archive FOI2009.zip were apparently unpacked by the SwiftHacker (before repackaging) in five batches. Here's what I think went on with the 1 Oct 2009 17:08:48 batch, which I shall call Batch II:

(click for a larger version)
It seems that the Batch II data contain the same two data lists as in briffa-treering-external/ecat/yamal/, but the read.me file has been overlaid with something different. The latter read.me text itself suggests that it comes from an update to the earlier data -- which may explain the overlaying.

More interestingly, the latter read.me mentions several other files and data sets: 93/, corr/, yamalsf1.ser, dens.lst and dens/rw/. (It also mentions 82/, but it's probably different from what's in briffa-treering-external/ecat/yamal/rw/82/.)

This raises the question: why are these files missing from the SwiftHack archive? For example, why does yamal/ contain 93.lst but not any 93/ subdirectory? Did the SwiftHackers have access to this data; if they did, why didn't they add the data in; and if not, why not?

Update 2010-11-27: Tweaked the diagram to clarify the file renaming.

Update 2010-12-05: Apparently the files originally in 93/ etc. weren't actually missing, just converted to a different form. I also lay out my theory of what the SwiftHackers were thinking when they did all this.