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(Digression) US climate envoy cyber-attacked by .pdf file in Jun 2009: Guardian re Wikileaks

The Guardian enters the intersection of Wikileaks, global warming, and cybercrime, and brings us this: [cached]

On 19 June 2009, the [US] state department sent a cable detailing a "spear phishing" attack on the office of the US climate change envoy, Todd Stern, while talks with China on emissions took place in Beijing. Five people received emails, personalised to look as though they came from the National Journal. An attached file contained malicious code that would give complete control of the recipient's computer to a hacker. While the attack was unsuccessful, the department's cyber threat analysis division noted: "It is probable intrusion attempts such as this will persist."
This information was buried within a "Diplomatic Security Daily" cable, in a paragraph marked "SBU" (Sensitive But Unclassified).1 According to the cable, the cyber-attack tried to exploit the CVE-2009-0927 vulnerability in older versions of Adobe Acrobat, and included a copy of the Poison Ivy Remote Administration Tool; it was detected on 1 Jun 2009. However, whether this attack is related to SwiftHack is anyone's guess...

  1. But note that the "SBU" only applies to the technical details.