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Mindless Link Propagation, 30 Apr 2011 (and an update)

  • Holy crap: Anonymous strikes again. [Update 2011-05-01: But see also Daily Kos's update where Anonymous disclaims their involvement in the data dump.]
  • In other news: David Roberts and Joe Romm get the picture.

    In short, Republicans have mastered post-truth politics. They've realized that their rhetoric doesn't have to bear any connection to their policy agenda. They can go through different slogans, different rationales, different fights, depending on the political landscape of the moment. They need not feel bound by previous slogans, rationales, or fights. They’ve realized that policy is policy and politics is politics and they can push for the former while waging the latter battle on its own terms. The two have become entirely unmoored. [...]

    Now, on the naive, positivist view, the media and other elite referees of public debate should have called a foul. [...]

    But the crucial fact of post-truth politics is that there are no more referees. There are only players. [...]

  • Certain people still don't quite get the picture.