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SwiftHacker sighting: "RC" wrote "There was no deal made", on 18 Aug 2011

Yep, Decoding SwiftHack is back up again. If you're a newcomer to this blog, or your mind's just rusty on some finer details, there are always the left and right sidebars...

... OK, are we on the same page now? :-) Anyway, one major motivation that led me to reopen this blog was this comment nugget from 18 Aug on the anti-science blog Climate Audit: [cached]


There was no deal made.

Yes, this "RC" with a URL of http://www.realclimate.org/FOIA.zip seems to be the same "RC" who in Nov 2009 posted the "A miracle just happened" comment announcing the initial data dump. Apparently they've come back, after almost two years, just to post a laconic comment for some mysterious purpose.

The August comment seems to be a response to the blogoerrhic speculations of the blog owner Steve McIntyre and others:

[...] Let's suppose that U[niversity] of East Anglia discovered who had the emails and also knew that the person had a big hold back that he'd secreted away somewhere. If you were [UEA Vice-Chancellor] Acton or [UEA Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Research] Trevor Davies, would you be prepared to enter into a confidential agreement to drop all charges if the leaker turned over his copies of the holdback? It would be very tempting. [...]

So is the August "RC" the original "RC", or an imitator? I think if anyone knows, it'll have to be McIntyre.

(Via the Bishop Hill blog, another bullshit blog.)