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SwiftHack 2.0: Berbalang, Bernard J, Hetzner Online AG, CA, swifthack.tk -- in decreasing weirdness

Primo: Scripsit Berbalang circum idum Decembris: [cached]

I've been Googling information on the story and turned up interesting information, including a name for FOIA. I don't know yet if the name is correct, so I am not going to post it. (Frankbi if you see this drop me an email and I will share it with you.)

Berbalang, I think I lost your e-mail address when my Hushmail account was disabled. I'd like to know more -- please contact me at 4u2 at inactivism dot tk (or the e-mail address on this blog, or both). Meanwhile, also consider making a WebCite cache of whatever you found...

Secundo: And actually, I'd also like to know more about the malware that was trying to enter Berbalang's computer and the malware which may have already entered Bernard J's computer. Speaking of which, I'm considering moving back to using wordpress.com if LiveJournal or its ad system turns out to have serious issues...

Tertio: After getting still no further response whatsoever from the sinwt.ru webmaster about how FOIA2011.zip appeared on their server, I contacted Hetzner Online AG, the German company whose server farm hosts the www.sinwt.ru server.

(Yes -- www.sinwt.ru may be a Russian domain name, but it resolves to, an Internet address in Germany.)

I got in reply a bunch of automated messages about how they're handling my "spam or abuse" complaint (hmm)... but nothing yet from an actual human operator. I'm now trying to think of what to do next.

Quarto: Steven Mosher wonders whether I and the SwiftHackers had been communicating in secret prior to the second data dump (FOIA2011.zip): [cached]

it seemed to me that swifthack and RC had talked.. and swifthack was askinghim [sic] "what do you want

as if there was a deal on the table.

pure speculation

Well, if you ask me, I think I didn't engage in any communications with the SwiftHackers between then and the SwiftHackers' second data dump. But I may be wrong. :-B

Quinto: I registered another domain name, swifthack.tk, which currently just points to this blog like climategate.tk does.