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Update 2012-02-25: Deep Climate points out that Vermeer's premise (below) may not be true. Hence I've retracted this blog post.

Brad [18] You are telling us that Peter Gleick traveled forward in time to see the documents he obtained from Heartland, then went back in time to fabricate a memo based on them. You are also telling us that he resigned from the NCSE yet he does not work there and there was no resignation.

Please stop with the random misinformation.

Posted by: Greg Laden | February 21, 2012 4:37 PM

Indeed. For as Martin Vermeer pointed out:

One thing you all seem to be missing, is that it was the content of the strategy memo that allowed Gleick to credibly impersonate a Board member [and thereby obtain the rest of the Denialgate documents].

Whoever wrote (or faked) this memo, had independent inside knowledge of what was going on at Heartland, before Gleick obtained any of the other docs.

The global warming denialists' proposed timeline of events makes no sense whatsoever. This is not hard to understand.