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(Digression) Ars Technica acting like soulless idiots re HBGary -- why?

March 11th, 2012 (11:34 pm)

Why the flying hell is Ars Technica acting like a brainless stooge for America's rich and powerful? Only a brainless stooge can learn about HBGary Federal's attempts to launch black ops campaigns against good, honest people, and still write this:

With arrests, HBGary hack saga finally ends

By Peter Bright | Published 25 minutes ago

A little over a year ago, small security firm HBGary Federal made the news for all the wrong reasons: it had been hacked, its CEO had been made a laughing stock, and its private e-mails were splashed across the Internet. The perpetrators, a group of hackers sympathetic to the Anonymous group, trashed HBGary Federal's servers and name with impunity, confident that tor [q. v.] and private VPNs would keep their identities secret.

Yeah, Anonymous's "Sabu" is now behind bars, therefore -- poof! -- all the black ops campaigns suddenly no longer exist, there's no social injustice, and balance is restored to the universe. Yeah right. What idiots.