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(Digression) The stupidification of American policy discourse?

March 18th, 2012 (07:39 pm)

There are signs that American policy discourse, even among progressives, is becoming sillier and sillier. Or perhaps it's always been this silly and I didn't notice it...

As an example, apparently Joe Romm sees nothing problematic with the idea of learning about famine and inequality through a dystopian pulp novel. For me, if young adults aren't already learning facts about real-world problems through (horrors!) non-fiction sources, then there's a serious problem.

As another example of the silly: what on earth is this pile of ... stuff? Was Auden Schendler saying that, because King Midas wasn't a greedy man, he decided to create the Gordian Knot, which if undone would prevent him from turning his daughter into a golden statue? Nobody knows, but then, apparently nobody cares either, since it ends with the correct message, which is probably Elect Obama™ or something.

That's all.