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Denialgate: Wrong to gloss over PR lies for being 'dog bites man': Jim Hoggan

Regarding Denialgate, DeSmogBlog's Jim Hoggan says it well:

[...] NPR radio host Larry Mantle put it [i.e. Peter Gleick's exposure of the Heartland Institute's spin campaigning tactics] in context this way: "Isn't this a dog bites man story? [...]"

[...] we have grown so used to politicians and (certain) public relations people [e.g. Heartland] stepping jauntily over this line [of acceptable campaigning tactics] that we have given up holding them accountable.

[...] instead -- too many in the media and online community have chosen to attack Gleick [for using pretexting to expose the truth].

We may no longer be shocked by professional liars' lying lies, but we can -- and we should -- continue to be outraged.

(Coincidentally, Greg Laden takes to task the 'this is dog bites man' stance on an incident unrelated to politics. And he is outraged by it.)