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Same folks behind CRU and NASA cyber-attacks? msato*.zip and FOI2009.zip seem to have same time zone

May 9th, 2010 (05:04 pm)

Recall that climate scientist James Hansen said that someone ripped some files from an NASA server using a password buried in some released e-mails. I took a look at the two .zip files, msato.zip and msato2.zip with the ripped material, uploaded by one "stansvonhorch"; unfortunately the files break my .zip analyzer,1 but I did glean some interesting information:

  • msato/RoyalSoc/2seas+SLorTorF.gif (in msato2.zip) has a time zone of -0500.
  • msato/East-West/2006emissions.PPT.pdf (in msato2.zip) has a time zone of -0400.
This suggests that msato2.zip was created by "stansvonhorch" in a -0500/-0400 time zone -- which will be the same time zone as FOI2009.zip.

  1. The files use the "data descriptor record" feature of the .zip format, which the software doesn't yet handle.

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Update 2010-05-10: There's one clear difference between FOI2009.zip and msato*.zip: the latter were created on a Mac OS X machine. This should be quite evident for those of us not using Mac OS X (due to the __MACOSX/* files put in there by the OS).